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Quakers in America, Ireland and Britain

A British Institute Course by Annette Burke Lyttle, CG and Steven W. Morrison

This course is designed for those who have at least some experience in genealogy.

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Embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Quaker research in North America and the British Isles. Discover the techniques for tracing your American Quaker ancestors through online resources and the FamilySearch Library. We’ll extend our exploration to records online and in repositories in Britain and Ireland, as well. Beyond the documents, we’ll explore Quaker history and beliefs to provide context for the records we encounter. The course incorporates lectures, discussions, and research to offer a comprehensive understanding of our Quaker ancestors’ lives.

Course Details:

Day One

  1. Introductions
  2. History of Quakerism: Testimonies and Beliefs – Lyttle
    History of the Quaker faith and experience, Quaker organization and theology.
  3. Introduction to Quaker records – Lyttle
    Overview and examples of records unique to Quakers.
  4. Quaker Resources at the FamilySearch Library – Lyttle
    Resources for research here at the library.
  5. Hinshaw and Our Indexes – Lyttle
    Essential indexes for Quaker research.
    Afternoon: consultations at the library

Day Two

  1. Sharing Finds – Lyttle & Morrison
  2. Quaker Records on Ancestry and FamilySearch – Lyttle
    Online resources for Quaker research.
  3. Ye Best Books for U. S. and British Isles Quaker Research – Morrison
    Authored works for Quaker research.
  4. Introduction to the Gilbert Cope Collection – Morrison
    Exploring a unique Quaker resource.
    Afternoon: consultations at the library

Day Three

  1. Sharing finds – Lyttle & Morrison
  2. Digging Deeper—Into Quaker Suffering Records – Morrison
    Genealogical information to be found in records of sufferings.
  3. Researching Irish Quakers – Morrison
    Exploring resources for our Irish ancestors.
  4. Researching English and Welsh Quakers – Lyttle
    Challenges in researching our English and Welsh ancestors.
    Afternoon: consultations at the library

Day Four

  1. Sharing finds – Lyttle & Morrison
  2. English Quaker Migration to North America – Lyttle
    How did our English ancestors get here?
  3. Irish Quaker Migration to Pennsylvania – Morrison
    Exploring how our Irish ancestors settled in North America.
  4. Welsh Quaker Migration to Pennsylvania – Lyttle
    Origins of the Welsh Tract in Philadelphia.
    Afternoon: consultations at the library

Day Five

  1. Sharing finds – Lyttle & Morrison
  2. Quaker Migration Patterns in North America – Lyttle
    Learning about migration routes our Quakers used.
  3. Finding US Yearly Meeting Records – Morrison
    Understanding records of Yearly Meetings.
  4. Crossing the Pond—Research in British Isles Libraries & Archives – Morrison
    Research on the ground in Britain and Ireland.
  5. Wrap up – Lyttle


Choose what’s best for you! You may want to view two, or possibly all three courses; consider attending one in person and purchasing recordings for the other course(s).
Optionally, you may purchase one or more course recordings without attending in person.

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Below are excerpts from Annette’s and Steven’s Winter Webinar presentations. The complete webinars are still available for members only on our Winter Webinar recording page.

Annette Burke Lyttle, CG
Steven W. Morrison