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Choose what’s best for you! You may want to view two, or possibly all three courses; consider attending one in person and purchasing recordings for the other course(s).
Optionally, you may purchase one or more course recordings without attending in person.

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Everyday Life in England: A Journey Through Social History for Genealogists, with Jen Baldwin

Unlock the rich tapestry of English social history through this course tailored for those who want to explore the nuances of everyday life of their ancestors, going beyond traditional genealogy. Over the week, uncover the intricacies of Victorian and Edwardian society, diving into topics such as class dynamics, mental health, and the iconic British pub. This engaging journey offers an understanding of the push and pull factors that shaped the past, providing valuable insights for your research endeavors.

Enjoy an excerpt from Jen’s Winter Webinar at the bottom of this page.

Quakers in America, Ireland, and Britain, with Annette Burke Lyttle, CG and Steven W. Morrison

Embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of Quaker research in North America and the British Isles. Discover the techniques for tracing your American Quaker ancestors through online resources and the FamilySearch Library. We’ll extend our exploration to records online and in repositories in Britain and Ireland, as well. Beyond the documents, we’ll explore Quaker history and beliefs to provide context for the records we encounter. The course incorporates lectures, discussions, and research to offer a comprehensive understanding of our Quaker ancestors’ lives.

Enjoy an excerpt from Annette’s and Steven’s Winter Webinars at the bottom of this page.

Australian Genealogy Unleashed: Finding the Lost in Australia, with Helen Smith

European settlement started in Australia in 1788, initially with the convicts who could no longer be sent to America, but increasingly from the 1820s with free settlers from the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), many with the promise of a free or assisted passage. The Australian colonies sent emigration agents to the UK to extoll the virtues of the Australian colonies. These are the same geographic areas from which an estimated 10 million people went to the USA and the British Empire/Commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa and also New Zealand in the nineteenth century. It is not unusual to have families within a few generations going to different countries based on availability of passage, especially if they were assisted through programs in the UK or in the destination countries.

Join Helen as she goes through the records, pre-and post Federation. These will include immigration (both involuntary and voluntary), vital records, education, occupations, the law, probate, military and more. She will share case studies on how to find and use records to find the ancestors/relatives lost in Australia.

Enjoy an excerpt from Helen’s Winter Webinar at the bottom of this page.

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Please enjoy these short excerpts from this year’s Winter Webinars!

Each of our four British Institute speakers gave a Winter Webinar presentation this year, and the full presentations are still available for members only HERE, on our Winter Webinar recording page.

Jen Baldwin
Annette Burke Lyttle, CG
Steven W. Morrison
Helen Smith