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International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
P.O. Box 3345
Centennial, CO 80161


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President: Sylvia Tracy-Doolos
Vice President: Craig Foster
Secretary: Janice Prater
Treasurer: Barbara Scanlon


(Effective 1 January 2023)
Trustee (through end of 2023):
W. Todd Knowles, AG
Trustee (through end of 2023):
Dan Poffenberger, AG
Trustee (through end of 2023):
Paul Milner, FUGA
Trustee (through end of 2024):
Wendy Wood
Trustee (through end of 2024):
Cherri White
Trustee (through end of 2024):
Kori Robbins, AG
Trustee (through end of 2025): Jen Baldwin
Trustee (through end of 2025): Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy
Trustee (through end of 2025): Kathleen Ackerman

Other Positions

British Connections Editor:  Sandra Roberts
Webmaster:  Sue McNelly
Membership Chair:  Sue McNelly
Institute Director:  Megan Heyl

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